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Page updated 18 February 2020: 09:03

On 1 February 2020 Australian Prime Minister announced a range of measures aimed at protecting Australia's borders from the risk of spreading the Novel Coronavirus. These arrangements are by there very nature dynamic and under constant review. This page makes every effort to be as current and up to date as possible but is relying on the provsiion of infomation by third parties. The infomation and documents on this page will change as advice is changed, updated or withdrawn. If members have any difficulty accessing the documents below please contact Sarah Cerche at sarah.cerche@mial.com.au or on 03 9647 6005. Equally if you consider the information below is outdated please let us know.


Latest Press release from the Australian governemnt on quarentine measures is available here.


Advice from Australian Border Force regarding entry restrictions 

ABF Fact sheet for commercial vessels arriving in Australia is available here.

ABF information about persons arriving in Australia is available here.

General travel advice page can be found here.

Advice from the Department of health (and others)

Department of Health information for maritime industry available here.

Department of Health information for marine pilots available here.

Department of Health information for the Cruise Industry available here.

Fact sheet issued by the International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) is available here.

Infomation from the World Health Organistion (WHO) is available here.

Commodities package developed by WHO relating to CONV-19 available here.

Frequently updated website from Department of Health available here.

Advice from Ports regarding restrictions on vessel arrivals

Port Authoirty of NSW advice is available here.

Marine Safety Queensland advice is available here.

TasPorts advice for commercial vessels visiting ports in Tasmania is available here.

News items from MidWest Port Authority is available here.

Advice from AMSA

Guidence to coastal pilots and pilotage providers is available here.

International Resources

Update from ICS 10/2/2020 available here.

US Coast Guard Circular available here.

Hong Kong administration notice available here.

Information from the Marshall Islands available here.

Singapore MPA advice is available here.

Guidence produced by the IMO is available here.

EU cooperative "Healthy Gateways" advice for management of coronavirus for cruise and cargo ships available here.

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