Compendium of Maritime Assets

During the Black Summer bushfires, the vessels rendering bushfire support were well suited to the roles they undertook and the crews were able to be tasked at very short notice. The local civilian maritime industry proved itself to be flexible, nimble, professional and highly capable.

In response to the valuable assistance that the commercial maritime sector provided during the catastrophic bushfires, Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (MIAL) will be compiling an Emergency Response Compendium for emergency response agencies to utilise.

The Compendium will hold currency on the available assets in Australia and will be available on demand.

Specifically, the compendium will contain:

  • Key contacts within companies in the maritime sector
  • A list of assets available along with details including:
    • capabilities
    • areas of operation
    • range
    • equipment available
  • Sailing routes, and more

This Compendium will allow emergency response agencies to rapidly determine what is available in the area, what vessels might be passing by, who to call and, most importantly, provide the ability to speak directly to key decisionmakers.