Session 7 Hydrogen - How applicable is it for the maritime industry

This joint webinar from Maritime Industry Australia Ltd & LNG Marine Fuel Institute is the first in a series on Future Fuels & Energy Emissions.  You can view the video and download the slides below.


Hydrogen is a crucial building block to many zero-emission fuels, including liquified hydrogen, ammonia, and synthetic fuels such as methanol, LNG etc.

Energy companies, including many in Australia, are working relentlessly on the production of zero-emission hydrogen at commercial scale and a tolerable cost. In parallel, the marine industry is working on engines that can use the power of hydrogen, whether as ammonia, LNG or liquefied hydrogen.

Our presenters will look at both the production of green hydrogen, the development of a hydrogen-fuelled marine engine and how hydrogen is applicable in the marine industry.

The learning objectives are:

•       Understanding of the pathway for the production of Green Hydrogen Fuel

o   Where are we now, Where are we heading to, What are the barriers and expected timeline and projects underway

•       Knowledge about hydrogen engines,

o   pros and cons of hydrogen fuel and engines, the pathway to commercial H2 engines, barriers & projects underway

o   How to get certification with the existence of IGF codes

Margot Matthews
CEO - LNG Marine Fuel Institute

Gordon Weiss, Associate - Energetics
Sanjay Verma, Director, Business Development, Marine Solutions - Wartsila
Peter van de Graaf, Senior Surveyor in Charge - Lloyd's Register Marine & Offshore